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Dental Services

We provide virtually every dental service available for your oral health.  In the event that we feel the procedure you require is outside the scope of our expertise, we will refer you to a specialist who can better treat your needs.  After the specialist has completed the recommended treatment for you, our office will be ready to handle your follow-up care.

We offer the following procedures:

Preventatives and Periodontal Procedures such as:

  • Cleanings, for good oral health.

  • Scaling and Root Planning, to prevent some of the cause of gum disease and breath.

  • Minor Gum Surgery, to correct and prevent further harm to tooth, bone, and gum tissue.

  • Oral Hygiene Instruction

  • Oral Cancer Screening

Sealants, for added protection against childhood tooth decay.

Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry such as:

  • Porcelain Veneers, for unsurpassed color and the look of natural, straight teeth.

  • Composite Bonding, to restore minor cosmetic defects without replacement or major restructuring of the tooth.

  • Retreatment of Old Crowns, to make your smile look like it was never touched.

  • At-home Teeth Whitening (Bleaching), for the ultimate in effectiveness and convenience.

  • Tooth-colored Fillings, for the perfect backup to your white smile.

  • Porcelain Crowns and Bridges, for unsurpassed color and translucency.

  • Recontouring of Chipped Teeth, to make correct the look of past tooth injury.

Full and Partial Dentures, so you can enjoy eating again.

Root Canal Therapy, to remove pain and correct oral tooth health.

Night guard Therapy, to combat the effect on the bite and jaw from nighttime teeth grinding.

Oral Surgery, for when you need more major treatment.

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